Trinity Films is a TV commercial and corporate film production company.

It works with ad agencies and clients, big and small, in pushing the ideas visually.

At it's core is the concept of "Push for Excellence" and that is their raison d'être.


Harish is an Indian ad film director and writer and one part of Trinity Films

While working in Ambience, he was entrusted by Ashok Kurien, the film department of the agency. He got his start directing videos for Creative heads Elsie Nanji and Cyrus Oshidar, so it’s only natural he would bring that same creativity and visual flair to his commercials and exude cool sensibilities, beauty dreamscapes and an ever-changing, ever-engaging world in all that he creates.

Harish understands the media overload people are dealing with today, and the instant access everyone has to seemingly everything in terms of imagery, art, music, video, etc.

He therefore approaches his work with the motto "Is it still possible to surprise?"

He says. “We see and hear so much and as we grow older we find that everything is being repeated all over again, and therefore the challenge in any new commercial is how to evoke feelings from the audience that has seen it all and heard it all , how to juxtapose audio and video to connect with them by unlocking their emotions."

He finds inspiration in the people as he says," I love observing people, so wherever I am, I like to see the details in people and how they express themselves,” he explains.


Rajesh is an Indian ad film director and a part of Trinity Films

He agrees with Harish that "Fresh" is hard but feels that if your commercial is honest and fun then it will communicate. As he says that he has come up making corporate films where he found that people connected with honest communication and human content.

He contends we’re living in a time when the concept of beauty is evolving, and film makers, clients and agencies need to respond. Beauty is now seen in different ways and it seems the public is weary with being sold an unattainable perfection. People no longer associate with it, and feel it’s dishonest.

He mentions that there are few clients who take a chance in the beauty business and they are applauded for their ability to lead change.

On his work he says,"You must trust your ideas and be willing to take a little risk and most importantly you must have a strong production team backing you, it makes your task that much easier."